Adding Value to My Son’s Life


It wasn’t an overnight fix for him or I. There were moments where I felt overwhelmed by having to in some cases relearn how to feed myself and my family. It changes the way you shop, the way you budget, the way you prepare for your week. Those changes were not all bad though… I enjoy prepping for meals now, I enlist the kids, and its a family thing. I used to cook alone and shoo them all out of the kitchen…so I could taste and nibble And munch by myself. Then I would sit down and essentially eat another meal….


Hart LOVES to cook! He loves following recipes, finding recipes, playing with spices and peppers….ingredients I had actually stayed away from because of the kids!

Adding a variety of ingredients to my kitchen was the key to Healthy living. New foods are an experience and can be fun! I love to create foods that are pleasing to SEE and to EAT…

I challenge you today to find a new recipe! Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

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