Execute The Curve



There are a handful of moments that stick out for each of you; this one was your first true experience with fear that I overtly witnessed. I felt scared for you as I carefully manuevered across the ice and slid you back towards your Dad. You never went to another practice and you refused to sign up again the next year. I didn’t want to push you. I didn’t want to make you do something you didn’t feel you could succeed at doing. That, my son, was a mistake. One I didn’t understand I had made until you started coming alive within the sport of baseball. My silent child, the one whose kindergarten teacher asked if you actually spoke, you are the observer in this family. You speak when you have something to say, be it witty with your teenage years now in full-bloom, informative with a new piece of wisdom that your mind has assimilated over the years, or to just point out the obvious (sorry, that is also a teenager thing too), your words are always very calculated. This is a part of your personality that I think will do you well in years to come if you remember that sometimes other people say words because they simply feel them. Emotional expression is not a forte that comes to you because of the life circumstances you grew up in. That does not mean that you cannot learn to experience them, trust them, and express them. These are life lessons you have to achieve.


Love, Mom

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