Girls Guide to Kickboxing

Girls Guide to Kickboxing

By: Tina Fraley

Are you looking for that next level of fitness that epitomizes fun? Are you ready to reconnect with recess? This is for you, this hour is your new best friend and one of the keys to a happier and healthier 2019. Take on a class solo or bring a friend, your son or daughter, maybe even your spouse. With each passing New Year comes that obligatory rush to “jump back on the wagon” of what may feel like a cookie-cutter approach to exercise. You tell yourself the same thing every year – “I have to get back to the Gym” or “I have to really start that health and fitness journey”. Often it’s a lack of fun and excitement that can leave us feeling bored and unmotivated to continue.

What if you could start your health adventure with an action packed, new group fitness class that was fun and great for any fitness level?

How would a bright pink pair of brand new boxing gloves feel on your hands? Imagine knocking the gloves together once…POP…twice…POP-POP… three times and then you devilishly smile to yourself. That. Felt. Good! The adrenaline is starting to trickle in as your body starts to heat up and you are ready to go. The warm up is done. You ran a few laps around the main ring, jumped a few jacks, crunched that beautifully engaged core, and then grabbed the final few spider push ups as the instructor cranks up the tunes and shows you the sequence for round one.

Your pretty pink gloves are ready to punch, kick, cross, and hook! You are standing in front of a black and red heavy bag. There are at least 30 more available for others to join in the fun. Your I’ve-watched-boxing-in-the-movies position is totally on point. The newly found dominate fighter stance is set as you lift up your left hand to protect your face. You breath in through your nose deep exhale your breath out and away as you steady your right hand to attack with a quick clean jab-jab.

That first POP as the glove hits the bag and you feel sheer power rush through your entire arm and shoulder is amazing. Again. You brace your core and steady yourself, ready to whip with your hips, and then kicking your foot forward and driving through the heel of your barefoot the heavy bag arcs away from you almost toppling over. Like a webble-wobble that won’t fall down it comes right back up, ready for the next attack. Its exhilarating! The music is blasting in your ears is as loud as your happily pounding heart. The woman next to you is just as vigorously jabbing and crossing at her bag, lining herself up each time to make complete contact with her imagined fighter too! With every draw of your fist, every wind up for the next kick, you can feel every muscle in your body fluidly moving and responding on command.

You are 15-20 minutes into it all, round 3 of 6 is steadily flowing as you pull your gloved fist back to your set position and begin again. Up goes your left hand blocking your face, this time you jab-jab, cross and hook, aiming for the imaginary chin of the day that tried to drag you down. With each punch and roundhouse kick your angst of the day melts away and each newly activated muscle starts to connect, condition and crave for more. You. Are. Kickboxing!

If you cant find a local spot to have this blast of fun you can also do it from the comfort of your own home with live streaming options! Just click here to create a free account and have immediate access to a your personal trainer: Free 14 Day Trial

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