My Best 8 Weeks

Day 60 BOOM!!!!!! WHO WANTS TO SEE THESE RESULTS?!? The last 8 weeks were going to go by anyways. I made a choice to make them count. That’s literally the only damn difference.

●My life….YOUR life….the job, the kids, the groceries, the doctors appointments, the tuck-ins and kisses goodnight, the date nights, the I’m hiding in the bathroom breakdowns, the 10 extra minutes standing in the bathroom wrapped in a towel with the shower running so no one will bother you, the late nights, the exhausted mornings, the I’m outta of time agains, the bills, the I have a headache tonights….. ALLLLLLLL of it still happened anyways.


I made time in amongst it all. And so can YOU. I can’t wait to show ya’ll the difference 8 weeks can make!! 

So, here ya have it, the absolute best spent 8 weeks ever!! Look what I did for myself?!


I enjoyed every single solitary workout throughout this entire program. My favorite was the Masters Cardio because Sagi and Autumn were together on that one and cracked me up through all 16 minutes of the workout. 

My least favorite was the Power Hammer… not because it was long because it wasn’t… not because it was hard (and it was) but because THAT was one of the workouts that made me come toe to toe with me. I had to push past my self imposed limits. And I did.

I am doing this again because it was freakin a blast and because it works! I could tell by week 3 that I was going to be in love. 

Some routines we do can get predictable or boring…NOT Hammer and Chisel though… it kept my attention, kept me motivated, challenged, and literally coming back for more just to see what I could do next!

And the nutrition aspect I have to say was super simple and easy to follow. I’m still implementing the 21 Day Fix plan. It adapts to each program I do and allows me to stay in control without feeling deprived. Convenient, easy prep, and ready to go are necessary facets too many of us…. this gave me a fail proof way to follow through with my commitment and reach my goals everyday.

The kitchen can undo all the hard work we do and as an avid Foodie, I know that pain all too well. Autumn Calabrese often ccomments that “abs are built in the kitchen”. Well, this last 8 week adventure proved her right. I saw the progress in my body, strength, and stamina as each week in the workouts I was able to up my weights, up my speed, and push past my limits.

I saw the same in my body in respect to the foods I was using to fuel myself instead of just fill myself up in the moment.

I started the first 2 weeks loosely following my 21 Day Fix meal planning and seeing the physical results from the exercise and the light bulb finally went off in my head…. what if for the rest of this I do both, completely all in, food, physical, and mental mindset on my goal…. what would I be able to achieve using all these tools together?

I started curling a 10 lb weight week one… week 8 I curled 20 pounds. My husband watched and commented as each of 60 days went on… little things like “I can’t believe that’s your ass” to “I know you lift more when you squat, look at your legs now” to the defining moment for me when I did a kettle bell style move and saw reflected back in my mirror a smile through the tears, edges in my abs, lines on my triceps, definition in my inner thighs, and I filled with pride, satisfaction, and a deep desire for MORE!!

My squats Day 1 were with a 15 pound dumbell… Day 60 it was 45 pounds. That first week I was eating 3 to 4 meals and starting everyday running out the door with my Shakeology. By the last week I was working in 6 meals and my favorite recipe for my ShakeO.

I know this was another part of weighloss journey but truth be told I gained a heck of a lot more than I lost this time…. not pounds…I gained strength in my body and confidence in its ability to DO what I wanted, faith in the process… it works when I do… and  I gained a world of knowlwedge about who I am!

I am a Kickass woman who is ALSO a mom of 7…a wife…a student… a coach…. a friend…. a challenger… a proponent of bringing healthy home again… I am not defined or limited by these roles, I am lifted up by them!! It may have taken a crap-ton of lunges to shake me out of my limited perspective but its ON now!!!

I lost a total of 13 pounds and 7 inches off my body!! I gained the ability to see who I am and exactly what I’m made up of too…. and its no longer excuses as to why “I can’t…”Can I get a hell yeah?! 

Often times my “mommy life lense” puts a stop on what I think I can or should have… it’s come to my attention that Kickass Women will do whatever it takes to make sure their children and husbands have exactly what they need to succeed in this life….. SO I APPLIED THAT TO MYSELF.

If you want it folks, you gotta GO AND GET IT! 

The one and only thing standing between YOU and the body… mind… life… the YOU that you want (and deserve)…. is YOU.

If you are ready to get out of your way PLEASE message me, its time to do it for yourself. Leave the excuses behind and stop waiting “until….”

The next 8 weeks are going by anyways. What do you want to happen during them? If its kickass results like these than let’s do it!

#LiveYourLyfe #ItsYourTurn #LifebyDesign #Journey4Lyfe #HammerandChisel 

I can’t wait to see the difference 8 weeks makes in YOUR life….can you?! Click here to start now: 


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