Prequel: In the Beginning…

If you are reading this something has changed in you and I want to be the first to welcome you to improved health. My own story of struggling with health related issues could technically be said to have started when I was a kid… we learn how to eat from those that model the behavior. I learned how to be fat, so I have been learning how to be healthy, diligently, for almost 4 years now. September 17, 2010 I had my seventh child. My body (and my mind) needed some serious TLC. P90X, with Tony Horton was all the craze…my husband and I both got sucked in my the amazing before and after pictures, so we bought it. It sat in the box until Christmas,so about 2 months. We kept seeing Tony and the infomercials. We kept trying to “think” our way out of bad health habits, and we kept trying to convince ourselves that we would start soon, once everything with the newest baby was calmer. News flash: “calmer” doesn’t ever enter the picture with 7 kids running around. So, we sucked it up and pressed play. I was at my heaviest of 276, wearing a size 24 dress and so was he at 285 pounds. The house shook, the children all survived and for 90 days, every night from 8:30 on we pressed play. I dropped my first 50lbs and thought I was THERE! This is awesome! I happily stayed at my newly arrived at 226, size 18…For almost a year. I got the itch to try again so I started weight watchers and did P90X again, along with some other exercises… I got down to a size 16. I wanted more. Focus T25 came out in October and it was exactly what I needed to light my fire again….I ran completely out of excuses with a workout that professed to get me insane results in under 30 minutes a day. So, I had it shipped express and again, a box stared back at me. This time for only a few weeks. I started it and was good through almost the 7th week…I even took it with me to Las Vegas for my vaction and did the program in the hotel! I got down to a size 14. Again, I stopped, happily at my new size 14 and accepted that I was ok with where I was at. I was eating healthier, I was still staying active… solo or with the kids…healthy habits were consciously being implemented in my home without too much hassle…even the grocery store stopped scaring me. I saw a friend was hosting a challenge group for T25 and I wanted to try the Shakeology this time too. So I joined in and another 10 weeks later I was saying hello to a size 10/12!! I was convinced. These programs, were changing my life. I am a graduate student pursuing licensure in community mental health and here was another way to help and be a steward of my community, so I became a coach. Beachbody started promoting a new program that immediately caught my attention. The 21 Day Fix, it was the exercise component with the educational on food and nutrition combined! Needless to say, I was all in. I completed two rounds of this 21 Day Fix and lost another 15lbs and 10.5 inches off my body! I am right now the healthiest I have ever been in my life and I am proud to say that this is not the body of a woman who has given birth 7 times…anymore…I have had a long journey to get here but every step (and tantrum) along the way has been worth it. I have learned so much about who I am and have learned how to be patient with myself. Too often I come across friends and family who berate themselves for not being able to do these workouts straight off the top…I couldn’t either! A body with 276 pounds does not glide or ease into anything…”jump-knee-tucks” was not happening and neither was “hop-hop-squat” when I started…Every one takes their own first steps. Everyone walks those steps at their own pace.To paraphrase, Autumn Calbrese from the 21 Day Fix, If you want something you have never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done. Today, I can understand that on a deeper level than I was ever willing to before. This process, my process, it is not only a physical one, it is a psychological journey to the core of who one is and who one wants to be…or not be anymore.

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