Jenn is a mom of one amazing little softball and soccer player. When she is not setting the example of healthy living for her husband and daughter she is a puppy momma, sports wife, and full-time substance abuse counselor. The incredible capacity to honor others in this life has come full circle for this resilient woman! Let me share a piece of her story with you…

First, I want to give a shout out to my friend Jenn who became a coach when she found herself at a point in her life after grad school where she was saying this, “I felt horrible about myself when looking in the mirror and I wanted to teach my daughter how to be healthy and be active…” Jenn started working on herself first and then her health and fitness naturally followed. It’s amazing how EVERYONE that we help get started on this journey wants to pay it forward and help others to gain a healthier lifestyle too! That is why Team Beachbody is so incredible and becoming a coach is the next step of the journey. There is ONE imperative step on this path that we should focus our attention and intention on and I will share it with you at the bottom of this page, but first here’s the Q&A from my interview with Jenn and her personal message to YOU!

  1. Q: How long have you been on your health journey?

  2. A: Feb 2013… But started with Beachbody T25 and Shakeology Oct 2013. Now I’ve tried many times before since 2002 after I graduated college but nothing ever stuck.

  3. Q: What prompted you to start?

  4. A: I felt horrible about myself when looking in the mirror and I wanted to teach my daughter how to be healthy and be active and not just sit and watch TV and eat McDonald’s all the time. I had some friends that were in challenge groups and were telling me all about it and it just kind of clicked like I needed that; I knew I needed that at that moment in my life to be able to be successful at my weight loss.

  5. Q: Who do you turn to for support? My husband but I don’t always listen to him. And my accountability partners that I have met on this journey.

  6. Q: What have you done and what are you doing now?

  7. A: T25, Turbo Fire, Les Mills pump, P90, P90X3, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, CIZE, The 3 Day Refresh, 22 Hard Corps, E&E, and Shakeology.

  8. Q: What’s up next for you?

  9. A: The Masters Hammer and Chisel… Starting on my birthday May 29!

  10. Q: What would you tell yourself if you could back to Day 1?

  11. A: Push yourself… Stop making excuses, pay attention to what you are eating!

  12. Q: Is there anything you would do different?

  13. A: Start sooner!


“There is no magic pill, magic drink, or magic wand! You have to put in the work to get the results you want!” ~Jenn M.

As you can see from start to current it is indeed a journey. This healthier life pursuit to happiness is an amazing one and takes your time, your effort, and your hard work. You can get there. It is possible and along the way you can have support and guidance. So that #1 Step that MUST take place before any of these steps on the journey will lead you to where you are ultimately headed… Its LOVING YOURSELF. If you don’t believe inside your heart of hearts, down deep into the fibers of your Being that YOU are worth this than it will be nothing more than a cycle replayed over and over again with different circumstances bringing you back around to the same spot. I encourage you to reach out, do it different this time, LOVE YOURSELF with the same amazing heart you love your spouse, child, parent, or best friend. Do for YOURSELF what you would always (without a second thought) do for them.


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