This is the 11th program for me. I chose Hammer & Chisel because I had it on good authority that this program is exactly what I needed. I wanted to feel stronger, to increase my flexibility, my balance and my power.

I chose to do it with a group of people who were also ready to commit to doing whatever it took for these 60 days to not just look amazing but feel amazing too!

I partnered up with a fellow challenger in our group and we were each others accountability partners through it all. I chose to do this challenge because I know that together we are better.

Partners can mean any duo…Your spouse, best friend, neighbor, co-worker. With the virtual world we all live in you don’t even need to live in the same state! That’s the true beauty right there… I still had the challenge groups support and they have mine!

Hammer & Chisel takes things up to that “next level”. It’s a 60 day program packed with the amazing training, know how, and expertise of two renowned trainers…Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev.

Don’t let weight lifting aspect scare you out trying. This program is not only for “the” workout guru. It is truly for anyone that is ready to progress in their fitness journey. If you have already completed 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme this definitely your best next step. If you are the jogger or the gym-junkie, this is for you too, take it TO the gym! ( Beachbody on Demand)

If you have been looking for that next program to up your game, uncover those abs, strengthen your core, stretch your limits…. this IS it….you CAN do this!

What is The Master’s Hammer & Chisel?

It is an multipurposed program that uses a resistance-training system which includes the three phases of muscle sculpting so that you can the following:

1) rapidly build muscle  

2) chisel (sculpt) muscle

3) refine the lean muscle

All in just 8 weeks….that’s only 60 days! And its just enough time right now to reach that beachbody ready goal for vacations as well the little league field you are going to be parked at for the summer!

What do you get?

●12 new workouts on 6 DVDs that focus on stabilization, strength and power.

●the complete 21 Day Fix nutritiom guide with color coded containers

Why is this for the baseline fitness friend as well as the powerhouse?

Because of the Modification capabilities incorporated INTO the entire program… both physically and in regards to equipment. Lower intensity is an option throughout this program.

You will also receive Autumn’s life changing portion-control nutrition plan. This plan is individually customizable to meet your personal goals (with help from your coach).

Your biggest decision after getting Hammer and Chisel will be whether you want to lean out, sculpt and maintain or build muscle. We will set your goal and focus from their using the exercise program and the 7 portion-control containers and Shakeology shaker cup to help enjoy your food again and fuel your body through the 60 days.

Shakeology is a super food that will reduce cravings, improve digestion, increase energy and enhanced recovery. With literally hundreds of different recipes there is not a possibility that your tastebuds wont be daily delighted! There is a sweet 7 Day sampler pack available so that you can select your favorite.

You are going to gain unlimited access to our private Facebook group and the step by step recipes, several sample meal plans, as well as daily drive and motivation.

In each group you have the opportunity to win cash prizes for completing the program and sharing your results.

Who is this program for?

● Moms ready to let go of the baby weight

● Women on the go who are thirsting for the simple yet satisfying nutrition plan

● Women who are on the time clock crunch but still want bangin results

● Stay at home moms who must have a quick yet effective at home workout.

● Women who want the outside to finally reflect the inside

● Women like You!!

Check out my before and after results pic below from just ONE round of The Master’s Hammer & Chisel. I am mom of 7 children (all naturally birthed so that baby belly DOES go away). I used Hammer & Chisel and Shakeology for 60 days and I feel leaner, tighter, stronger and amazing from the inside out!

If you are ready to totally own your health over the next 8 weeks and achieve that great new body all you need to do is say so! Decide right now to master your health and take this step with me and a few of your soon to be new friends!

☆Deadline to register is March 7th 2016

It’s time to chat and find out if this is the right next step for you. Whatever your goals are right now, together we can help you exceed them!

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