Will The Real Problem Please Stand Out, Please Stand Out.

We come when called.

We come when called.

In a world so full of colors, movement, fast paced everything, and technology surrounding us, it is necessary to stand out more than ever before. Every moment blends into another unless something more shiny, more exuberant, or more audacious catches our attention.

Love is like that. Love is an emotion more shiny… more exuberant… more audacious than the other emotions. Sex is like that. Sex is more shiny… more exuberant and more audacious than other activities. What else is like that? Eating? Drinking? Maybe.

For all of our amazing attributes as humans, we are still at the very basis of us all, slave to one passionate, primal, sometimes preposterous, behavioral attribute. We want to FEEL good! We want good Love. We want good sex. We want good food… and good DRINKS too!

We all seek the path that leads us to what feels good… a.k.a. the pleasure principal we all learned in psych 101. That pleasure track plays underneath every logical and positive thought we muster up and is what can be the most difficult for some, myself included, in the I-want-it-but-its-not-so-good-for-me conundrum. I like, enjoy, appreciate, and look forward to daily being in love with my husband. Same goes for sex (maybe a little more on that one) and same goes for food and beverages. I know I am not the only woman that has looked at a chocolate bar and my husband and thought, “Mmm… I cant decide”.

Well, let’s think about this for a second. Let’s look at the picture above one more time. Those cola bottles have names on them… they are not Sally, Joe, Tristan, or Rumpelstiltskin this time….what are they though? Now, even before you answer that question, think about this one…. WHY did they start putting names on them? I know, its a softball… “they put names on them because they were trying out a new advertisement strategy”…. well, why do companies do that? To get more sales, yes. Ok, so we get the process. Look at what we did though. We responded exactly the way they expected.

Now look at the names on those bottles again. Yes, someone took the time to alter them, to purposefully draw your attention to the fact that soda has too much sugar in it, and it’s not good for us, makes us fat, and it ups our dentist bills, increases the sugar cravings, etc… It wasn’t me but it caught my attention just like the bottle I have saved and unopened with “Tina” in cool, bold, black italics.

They put our names on it to make it appeal to us. The soda companies in a lot of ways are like the tobacco companies in the early years…. Who else got their mom’s Virginia Slims calendar in the mail and was totally excited to thumb through it and see all the pretty Victorian women smoking their cigarettes? We live in a society that has advanced in the ability to reach us…. that is not necessarily a positive if we, ourselves, are not evolving.

For example, when little Joey is 3 and toddles up to the cleaning supply cabinet he doesn’t know that the Mr. Yuk sticker on pretty bottle of Spic & Span with bright yellows and greens swirling on the label means “no, don’t drink me”. He sees bright colors and like a moth to the flame (or one of us who responds to our name) he reaches for it. We correct him and tell him “no, that will hurt you”. There is no Mr. Yuk sticker on the soda pop bottles. There is no one in aisle 12 smacking my hand and saying “No, that will hurt you”. There is however, my name, your name, their names… calling out to us like a batman signal from Gotham, inviting us to partake of the sweet, cold, fizzy, goodness.

Alright, so let me put it out there, officially. I like Dr. Pepper. I am not a Coke girl. I at one point in time had a snickers bar and a Dr. Pepper every morning before homeroom and on my way to work for quite a few years. They fit in my purse and gave me the zip-zoom that I wanted. I say this so you know I am definitely not on the “say no to soda” wagon. I am on the “look at what we are doing” wagon.

It took me a few years to really say no to soda in the restaurants, at the movies, or on the weekends as a treat. I had to realize that it just wasn’t something conducive to the track of health I was pursuing. Yes, I have diabetes running like wild-fire in my family’s health history… it didn’t stop me from drinking soda, pile driving candy in my face, or conquering the mountain of fried chicken at the Grandy’s Buffet…. didn’t stop anyone from serving it to me either. I also have obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism catching flames in the family tree too. What I eat and what I drink does impact my physical well being. What I do with my choices does as well.

So, I do pass by the soda with my name on it, calling to me…. “Tina, I wont hurt you, look how inviting and pretty-packaged I am”. Some days its because waving my rebellious fist in the air as I exclaim in the Walmart aisle, “I will not follow the leader” just feels good. Other days, its because drinking the damn thing is just gonna lead me to a snickers.

Moral to the story…We don’t always have to come when called.


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